Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Basketball League

It's finally happening. Tonight at 800p, we hit the gym. And so The Basketball League begins.

I just received our Power Forward Baltimore uniforms from Ellen, Amanda and the other fine folks at Keystone Tees this afternoon, and they're looking quite fresh. We are officially ready to ball.

I'm headed out in about fifteen minutes to meet with Tom Bond and our guy's from The Helping Up Mission; unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to meet with the sixteen exceptional men that will be participating in The Basketball League until tonight. If Tom kept his end of the bargain, the jerseys and shorts that I'm bringing for them will be a surprise. This evening is all about spending some time with the guy's and getting to know them; they are as much of an inspiration to me as anything because they have seized an opportunity to take an active role in the creation of something different. These men are innovators. And they love basketball.

I can't wait to meet them.

I would like to thank everyone that has made Power Forward Baltimore and The Basketball League possible: David Hoffman, Delana Gregg, Alex Hyland, Jennifer Kent, Jaree R. Colbert, The Alex. Brown Foundation, Michelle Wolff, Tom Bond, Bob Gehman, Talib Horne, Kurk Lee, Joe Ehrmann, Terry Rubenstein and Seth Godin. Thank you to everyone for their continued and much-needed support as I have tried to get this project off the ground over the last six months.

The Basketball League has been designed as a powerful instrument for its participants to wield; it is only as successful as they are. I am both honored and privileged to work with the men of The Helping Up Mission to custom-craft a completely unique environment where lasting, real change is possible. Over the next ten weeks we will work purposefully together to achieve both their individual and group goals. In the end, what our friends from The Helping Up Mission yield from this experience will be directly proportionate to their active, hands-on engagement in its process.

It's no secret that tonight is a big, big night for me. I love Baltimore and its people more than anything; I can't believe that I now have this incredible opportunity to be of service to them both.

I see a bright, beautiful future for our beloved Baltimore even if you can't. And I know that together we're going to make it reality.

We are something worth believing in.

Power Forward Baltimore


Jc2divine said...

Charlie, I'm so proud of your hard work that you have put into continuing this project! I wish I could have helped out to get things off the ground but if you need ANYTHING-an extra hand, some ideas, or just some connections, please don't hesitate to be in touch. YAY for you!


Plato said...

Hey Charlie,

Good stuff. I look forward to meeting next week (or sometime soon) to talk more about it.


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